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Branding Mood board

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Branding

After the knowledge I gain understanding the meaning of colors and inspiration gain with  research about different kind of business cards, I created a mood board with the key concepts, color pallets, founts and logos inspiration designs that will help me to produce my final business card design.

PowerPoint Presentation

The idea behind my business card and logo is very clear:  A brand that produces formal and contemporary designs but at the same time is not scared of going very controversial and innovative.  My brand represent a mix. It can on one way produce “plain designs with lack of colors ” or very modern and playful outcomes.


Posted: January 27, 2014 in Branding


I created this PowerPoint presentation in order to explain my reason or goal I am willing to achieve in the design industry and the process I will be taking.


I created a Those brief case study about few interesting furniture design companies in the USA which I will be looking forward to work.

PowerPoint PresentationPowerPoint Presentation

Some of the names are really famous such as Herman Miller which provides suppliers worldwide specialize in working environment designs among other sectors.

Other such as Curve ahead has great influential and  worked with a variety of projects with several  brand like Dwell ,very famous in the UK with one of its numerous stores in Manchester city center, in the prestigious location of Deansgate.

I  particularly selected them because they produces contemporary designs in different sectors such as commercial, residence and work environment and they have a wide range connection and projects with different brands which I believe will be fantastic for networking


Before I start thinking about branding and shapes is important to who is my target market, how I want to present myself and how people will respond to my brand.

All this information is crucial and key factor towards a successful design and colors have a strong influence in the result of what we aiming to create, what we want to transmit and how it come across to people and in order to present the brand in a right way.

I found this website that explains the psychological meaning behind colors, how people tent to respond to them and why brands carefully select s.

After a good understanding of the meaning of color  and how they area interpreted, I will be choosing black, white, brown, green and grey colors as my color palette. Those colors tent to represent power, purity, neutral, cool, renewal, tranquility,fresh, contemporary, friendly etc. which is the message I would like to transmit trow out my brand.

In addition I created a Pinterest board in which it also have a variety of meaning of colors, not only in terms of marketing, but also psychological. These research also helped me to understand how people see you depending of the colors you are more related to.