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Posted: February 22, 2014 in Business cards


I decided to change the orientation from Landscape to Portrait.  On Landscape orientation it kind of felt like the logo was too big for the business card, but with this orientation the logo fits perfectly with the space, giving it the perfect size.

Looking better but a bit messy and disorganize

-business Card front side1

-business Card back  side

I converted the Berlin Sans FB font  into artwork and played a bit with them. I am convince with how the whole design is looking but I think the is not much correlation within the fonts and the art work making the overall design very messy and disorganize.

Simplicity sometimes is the solution 

This time I removed most of the artwork and only applied them on the logo but the inscription on the right hand (Interior designer) and the “Interiors” kept on the original Berlin Sans FB font. 


On the reverse side of the business card I also kept the idea of removing all the additional artwork on the fonts and keep the Berlin Sans FB font as it is without any modification.

The design looks more professional, contemporary but I think the yellow colour applied on makes is still have that impression of old designs.

BUSINESS CARD back SIDE yellow stripes

Overall I am really satisfied with how the design has turn, I will apply little changes on the colours just to tell the client that the brand is new, classic, contemporary and joyful


I started to develop the design trying to find the best one that fits with my personality and the message about my brand I am trying to transmit to the public.

Collection of stripes

business card design sample made on vistaprints

On this first design I introduce numerous stripes, interpreted as walls shelving.  This card numerous patters and it a bit complex but at the same time it look “posh”  but on the other hand it kind of feel like it come across as a classical design brand which I am not very happy with.

Something more simple

This one is more simple but still it looks busy… too many squares I think… I want something more plain.. the impression I have from this design some how is like is a brand that is not very serious.

bussiness car white front page



 Too plain I will say

The front side of the card is too plain… is more close from what I am trying to create but I think the logo just fit in the middle looks king of out of place or lonely.

final design busines card with black front side

Final desing business card with with backside and yellow stripe

I have not jet achieve the message I want the people to understand when the look at the card. Those designs feels busy, and bit confuse of what is my specification of what of public I am dedicated my work to.

Business cards from Moo

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Business cards


I have received the samples from Moo and I have to say I am happy that I did order them because it enable me to see how the design looks in real. Even tho the business card design was just an experiment, far away form my final piece, I was far away from convince with the result.caresss

I was considering the idea of having shining finish on the card so I order  a classic standard paper with rich gloss laminate finish, to see how the outcome will look like, but I was not very convince with the results , so for my final design I will choose classic standard paper because with Matte classical finish.

I would have chosen  Green (Eco friendly paper) but I been told by the company that is a lightly coated and matte finish stock which is easy to write on

Business cards inspirations

Posted: January 27, 2014 in Business cards


The board created on Pinterest shows a collection of inspirational Business cards I found more relevant.

Those selected design are a reflection of what kind of card I am interested in creating.

As you can notice on the images I pined, the Business cards are mainly black/white, which is the idea I will like to create in my personal design.

The majority of those business card are Embossed, textured, minimalist, with graphs,simple and classic designs.
Adding effects such as textured or embossing will really give personality and interesting finish to a business card, an effect I will also look forward to achieve but it is also an expensive method.


I have been advise to visit, which is a really good web side to order Business cards. The have a wide variety of products, from Business Cards to Postcards.

The company also provide free samples packs which you can personalize with you own design or you can also choose from any of their designs. The samples you order will have their logo on it.

Moo Business cards

*I am actually awaiting for some samples I order a with one of the experimental designs I created.


The company provides a wide variety of offers. From Business Cards to Web sides & Internet Marketing, which is a very good way of selling and promoting. It terms of Business cards packages, they provide products such as folding business cards, card holders and on-line business cards among other products.

Vistaprint cards2

*I also attach a draft of one of my ideas. This is only a first concept that it still needs to be develop.

business card fisrt stages example card back side

Business card development

*Simple design, with  black & white finish in the different sides.  I kind of like how this the overall card looks simple and making the information eye catching and clear.