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Posted: January 30, 2014 in Case studies

On this section I allocated a collection of my most notable interior & furniture design brands with their relevant logo designs.

IA Interior Architects

IA Interior Architects is the only global architecture firm focused exclusively on interior architecture. Headquartered in San Francisco, but they also have different offices  in different locations like London among others. The company seems to have chosen a simple brand name to create intrigue so the public will feel force to research about company to found out what they are doing.  I really like how the logo is clear and simple and even with the lack of color they manage to transmit a concept of modern and serious design company. This idea is similar to the design of the logo I am aiming to create but on my design I will also like to introduce some color fonts.


ICRAVE is a Manhattan-based design studio fueled by innovation, luxury, creative,  and interaction spaces.The company is specialize in  Interior design, art & graphics, branding & strategy, even designs, lighting design and product & furniture design. The logo design is quite simple but it may create difficulties at spelling and pronunciation. This brand create luxury and creative design however the logo seems to come across very as a graphic company instead of design. As similar to the previous logo (AI Interior architect) the logo lack of color but it also manage to be very eye catching and transmit power and personality.

Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi is a design firm based in New York, providing outstanding works of Architecture and Interior Design in the form of high-end residential, commercial, and cultural projects. As is clear in the logo design the brand has very interesting and risky approach design concepts. Looking at the logo, the brand king be described as a fearless company willing to take challenges. I like how the red background highlight the name of the company adding personality to the brand. Again a simple logo design but the contracts between the red and white reflects that the company produces contemporary designs with strong concept and firm ideas.

AXIS MUNDI LLC. Architect + Interior Designer NYC

KNA Design

KNA Design an architectural interior design company providing solutions for hospitality, residential, and commercial clients. Design as distinctive as the people it serves. The brand provides classical/luxury high quality. The brand has chosen gray shades and yellow in order to represent neutral, luxury, classic atmosphere but in a way the logo  designs come across as a modern futurist company. The brand logo design is similar to the idea I am aiming to produce for my design, which makes a bit worried because I will not like to produce a logo or brand that come across as classic because I am aiming to  I am aiming to produce modern interiors.

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