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Posted: August 11, 2014 in Portfolio/Branding packages


I created a blog on Pinterest with a variety of options for  branding packages.  It was very interesting to see the variety techniques that the brand can be presented with all the relevant information, such as CV, cover lever, portfolio, etc.


After looking a the different ways to present all the relevant information related to the brand and portfolio of work, I was very drawn by the idea of  creating pocket folder made with black and white card because they are the most predominant color of the brand.

Is very clever how they also created a little envelope to place the business cards, I will also like to adapt this idea but instead of being a envelop, it will be similar to a pockedesign because it will not have the cover in order to close it. I also like how the logo of the company is place just on the middle of the envelope, but in my design I will stamp my logo also in the middle with the stamp I order form PowerPoint PresentationDIY Handmade Rubber Stamped Business Cards

The image below is a good example of  ink stamp business card. This idea has multiple benefit, such as freedom to brand any kind of material, eco friendly, and the logo can be allocated at any desired place.  As a mention earlier I will use ink stamps on the pocket folders I will create to allocated the business cards, cv, and cover letter.



I previously create a branding package but the overall design came out very unprofessional and dirty due to un-straight cutting lines, glue marks, etc.

I have decided to created a mini A5 book portfolio in which I enclosed my CV, cover later, previous projects done at the University as well as personal drawing sketches.  

The front page on the branding package is composed by a plastic cover which allows to visualize the front side of my logo.   








The back side of the business package book is cover with the reverse design of the business card logo.  The backside significantly differs front the front with a opaque white paper cover.


The branding pack encloses a cover letter to the specific University I intent to persuade my education into, a copy of my CV, some portfolio designs of previous work made at the University as well as personal drawing sketches. 


I had also produced key rings with my business card which are meant to be giving away. 


Overall I can say I am really happy with the branding pack I produce. The design is practical, simple, appealing and professional. 

I have also posted several branding book packs which I found very inspirational as well as professional. 

I love the color combination of this design design. Is really impressive how the little orange color appear over the white pear background. 



 rare-book Book-Render-English

 I also visited several webpages which displays beautiful designs that helps me to understand how I can create and experiment with different design ideas.